8 Incredibly easy tips to save money while traveling

While the bulk of my rock bottom budget travel days are behind me, I can still remember being a broke college student trying to see the world, so I know (and still use) a few tricks to help me save money while traveling.

Headed somewhere soon and find yourself a little short on spending money? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! Here are 8 ways to save money and adhere to your daily budget allocation once you’ve arrived at your destination. Feel free to save this post and then tag your travel squad. (At least the ones that aren’t 100% flaky!)

1. Make use of your hotel’s free continental breakfast and then grab an apple or wrap a muffin or sandwich for lunch too.

2. Skip the international phone plan and use tools like WhatsApp or Facetime to communicate, once you tap into free Wifi.

3. Eat locally whenever possible and visit a grocery store to stock up on fruits and snacks for day trips. Or get a place with a kitchen and do all your own cooking.

4. Stay close to the central area you wish to see and walk and take local transportation over taxis whenever you can.


5. Ditch the hotel or vacation rental plans, swallow your pride or bench the ‘I value my independence’ streak for a few days, and ask to stay with friends or family who live in the area. By doing so, you’ll save a ton of money.

6. Try to avoid using airport ATMs. Their fees are usually on the upper end of the local range.

7. Look for Free Things to Do lists on community calendars in local newspapers or check your destination’s main website. Sometimes you can get lucky and find free public performances or ‘pay what you like’ contribution-based walking tours or museums to enjoy.

8. Volunteer while you travel. Very often those types of trips are very rewarding, and they include room and board.

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