Work With Me

Well, hello…hello…hello!

I’m a creative digital storyteller with an insatiable desire to see as much of the world as I can. While I’m out there slaying delayed flight dragons in airports and sampling street food in destination with my probiotic tablets on hand, I also want to be a trusted go-to travel resource for as many people as I can. That’s why I curate content with educational and entertainment value, which is especially relevant to the 34-54-year-old female traveler.

I suspect you’re here because something about my blog or online presence caught your attention and now you’re wondering how we could possibly work together. I can already tell this has all the signs of being a win-win situation because clearly…your instincts are spot on! [insert smile emoji]

Partnership Opportunities include:

• Sponsored blog posts
• Product reviews
• Multi-channel social media promotions
• Brand ambassadorships
• Freelance writing
• Affiliate marketing
• Image licensing

Have another great idea for a potential collaboration? Let’s discuss!

Contact Info:

E: macaulay (at) mytravelstamps (dot) com
Instagram/Twitter: (at) mytravelstamps