4 basic style essentials for the fuss-free traveler

If you’ve been following my blog or social media channels for some time, you’d have noticed that I am very low maintenance. However, even though I’m all about that fuss-free life, I am still a huge fan of good style. I’ll be the first to admit that the daily wardrobe, hair care and makeup rituals other people go through alternate between intimidating and confounding me. But despite sometimes feeling like a square peg in a round hole, I’ve still managed to figure out a few turn-key accessories that help me achieve a look I can be proud of when on holiday.

In case you’re still on your own style journey discovery and need some suggestions, these are my four go-to essentials:

A hat
My hair is relaxed, it doesn’t do well with too much direct heat application, and it refuses to keep curls for very long. To complicate matters even more, it becomes a bushy mane whenever excessive moisture is in the air. That means if I don’t have a hat or some other head covering like a cap or beanie handy, I usually end up resorting to a ponytail or bun to save the otherwise inevitable bad hair day.

Dope sunglasses
I rarely wear makeup, and if you don’t believe that, ask me to tell you the real difference in functionality between eyeshadow primer and base and I’d have a better chance of scoring an A+ in an advanced quantum physics class. So, to avoid drawing unwanted attention to my uneven skin tone and any circles or shadows below my eyes – especially when I wake up early to take pictures – I put shades on. They can jazz up an outfit in a heartbeat, so I try to pack at least 2-3 different types for every trip.

As I mentioned above, Lady Makeup and I aren’t ever going to be good friends. As a result, the biggest concession I make is to add a pop of color with lipstick, because it is easy to put on and wears off by itself if I forget to take it off. Foundation, blush and eyeliner on the other hand? No, they’re definitely not that easy. I only get dolled up with the full regalia for special occasions or if I have help.

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Instagram's hashtag project this weekend is #WHPmystyle. Oh, I am so here for this! Have you already joined in by tagging a picture? If not, head over to their feed to read the rules, then play along. It's usually fun. What influences your fashion choices? Does the location, activity, what's available in your closet, or your mood that day dictate the clothing? Or is it a combination of a few of those things? This outfit was born of the need to stay warm in spite of my desire to match the world-famous blue and white hues in the Cyclades. But since I own a primarily summer-driven wardrobe and I refuse to buy a ton of winter gear, I'm  wearing so many layers here, it's i n s a n e. _ But hey, what's a few extra pounds in clothing when you can close your eyes and pretend to #slay? 😎

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A nice bag/tote
The right tote can double as an efficient travel bag and fashion accessory, depending on the one you select and the look you’re going for. Whether the goal is sporty, comfy, contemporary and chic, minimalistic or something more, you can achieve that based on bag texture, color and size. I have a thing for light brown leather, as long as it dosn’t break the bank like the one below.

Now that I’ve shared my tips, feel free to divulge some of yours.




  1. Iamme

    It really gets tedious and time consuming to be glamming up everyday, especially when you have a tour to catch.

    Shades, hats and liptstick sound like a plan!

    1. Post
    1. Post
      My Travel Stamps

      Oh, yeah that kind of money is breaking the bank!! That’s why in the IG post I said it was ASPIRATIONAL! I sure don’t have that type of cash to lay out on leather. LOL.

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