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Spotts Beach, Cayman Islands – Photo credit @Tina Foster Photography

Hi, I’m Tommie, a relative newcomer to the travel blogger scene. Yes, I know there are a ton of us out there. So, in case you’re wondering what will make my site different, let me say this upfront: I am a bit of an anomaly.

1) I write from a Gen X perspective. 2) I do not travel full-time. I travel when I can, usually within limited vacation time, and I do so a strict budget. And, 3) I have no desire to sell my belongings or use all my savings to finance a series of one-way tickets to multiple exotic destinations, no matter how intriguing that may be.

But yet, my love of travel is real. I think I developed an appetite for globetrotting even before I saw an airplane or walked into an airport.  Thanks to a childhood filled with literary classics like Heidi, I could curl up in my sofa and imagine life far, far away. The craggy alpine cliffs, the frigid  weather, fragrant pines, sure-footed goats and a grumpy grandfather… it was fascinating!

Today, I get that same sense of awe when I land in a new country. The knowledge that I am about to see unique sights and begin new cultural interactions is a feeling I still can’t adequately describe. I doubt I will ever get enough of it!

However, even with such a blatant obsession, after three weeks or so, I like to go home. Because home gives me grounding, and access to the people and things I value most. Did I also mention the joy of reaching into a closet – not suitcase – for non-recycled or over photographed clothes?

If your interest is piqued, click on my Destinations tab and let’s go see the world together!